My name is Robyn Spacey.

 I’m a mom so my schedule is organised around my daughter, school days and extra murals. I discovered Pilates when I was pregnant and thus began my love affair with moving. Over the years I have explored different movement practises including kettlebell training, aerial arts and yoga. One of my all time favourites – to teach and do – is the reformer, Wunda chair and Springboards from the Pilates equipment range.  Moving keeps me able, keeps my mind active and my body happy. If there one thing I can say that might encourage you to start your movement journey, is this: you don’t have to live in pain. Movement can assist healing. It takes time, and commitment to yourself, basically treating yourself like someone you like, but here, at

The Movement Sanctuary

Hopefully, Your Movement Sanctuary.

A home based studio in the heart of Durbanville

Or, an {online} sanctum in the land of Zoom,

this could be

Your Sanctuary.

 I hope that you find your inner sanctum in our studio, a place to feel at home. A safe haven where you get to move your body. A place of exploration in the land of movement.  No judgements. No expectation for the perfect body or the perfect pose. Just you. I will meet you where you are, and take you on a journey of self discovery. A journey to a fulfilling and positive relationship with your body using a variety of movement and mindfulness techniques.

I am trained in a variety of movement practises as well as a Movement as Metaphor Practitioner.