What’s on offer

 IN STUDIO / {online}

CREATIVE MOVEMENT SESSIONS (Private training) – Incorporating breath work, meditation, journalling and playful movement to align your centre and feel present in your body. This can allow for finding a routine that works for you. Taking and making the time to be kind to yourself, treating yourself like someone you like and finding what works best for you.

MOVEMENT AS METAPHOR (Private training) – An outside the box approach to finding your blind spot. Utilising a metaphor practise, we can bring attention to the relationship between what we imagine are Parts of our body, towards our body as a WHOLE. Depending on what shows up, we can incorporate movement practises to uncover the links between our environment and ourselves, and how they are interlinked into the shapes we make and the mindset we adopt.

PERSONALISED RECORDED SESSIONS – Can’t make it to a live class but looking for something personalised? We will meet for an introductory {online} session max 45mins to see how I can help. I will then record you up to x4 sessions to get you going. This can be updated as/when and if you need to.

PILATES – Mat group classes, Duets and Private sessions available. Contemporary and Classic.

SPRINGS CLASS – Pilates equipment based group classes incorporating the Wunda Chair, and Springboards.

YIN YOGA ONLINE -Online group classes  AND RECORDING AVAILABLE – A slow and meditative approach to yoga where your body holds an asana for a few minutes at a time to allow for rest and release.

AERIAL HAMMOCK – A combination of Pilates and Yoga suspended in your hammock group classes.  Private {online} sessions need your own hammock.

THERAPEUTIC MASSAGE THERAPY aka Touch Therapy- Hands on soft tissue mobilisation to assist in the treatment of most musculoskeletal and associated problems. Regular therapy can result in improved circulatory, lymphatic and neurological functioning, as well as assisting in stress relief. Massage therapy is extremely beneficial in recalibrating the nervous system.

Please enquire if you require anymore information, OR if something resonates and you’d like to give something a try.

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