The New Year always holds such Potential. 2018. It feels like such a big, bold year. The year of change. Of being brave, of growing up, wiser, stronger, kinder. The year you decide to commit to YOU. The year you decide to be present and inhabit the beautiful body […]

Bright and Bold.

We at Love Pilates are passionate about what we do and love to share our passion. So for this November, every Wednesday morning at 9am we are offering FREE Pilates classes to new clients. The classes will follow a four week schedule taking you through the fundamentals of Pilates, with […]

‘Newbie November’

Spring has begun springing and with that brings enthusiasm, inspiration and a general feeling of ‘lets get moving and get healthy!’ It does for me, and I am fairly certain for most of you too. We are heading into the busy season, the last term of school is almost apon […]